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    Caroline Olivia
    Educated webdeveloper and nerd
  • 2
    Caroline Olivia
    Educated webdeveloper and nerd

About me

My name is Caroline Olivia Frank, i live in Dernmark. I am newly educated webdeveloper at Roskilde Tekniske skole. My big passion is to design and program websites.

My qualities

I am educated and selflearned and have learned a lot through my programming adventure, wich has just began.

Web Design

I love to make designs with usabillity and a modern touch.


I almost always integrate bootstrap in my projects.


I know CSS in and out.

Graphic editing

Editing photos and graphic is a part of my webdeveloping world.


C# is my life, and my 1st programming language.

UI Design

In my projects i integrate personal UI designs for the costumers admin sites.

Contact info

  • Mail me: carolineoliviafrank@hotmail.com

  • Phone: +45 27 63 77 08

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